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What do you call this verb usage?

I've been noticing, as part of the evolution of the English language, that verbs are being used in ways different from what I have been used to.

Here are three examples:


Earlier: "Our children grow into adulthood".

Now: "We grow our children into adulthood."


Earlier: "The documents will reach you shortly."

Now: "We'll reach the documents to you shortly."


Earlier: "You understand the concept."

Now: "We understand you on the concept." (this is from a recent email to me, and provoked this post.)

The last one seems particulary awkward (it means, "we will make you understand the concept", I think.)

I don't know the grammatical term for such usage of direct verbs...will someone enlighten me..the old active and passive verb forms (you enlighten me, I will be enlightened by you) don't seem to operate any more...
Tags: differences, english, humour, musing, usage

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