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The NTP2010 Meet

Since the dates and the convenience of lots of members of the NTP fell into place, we had the 2010 meet at BR Hills on the 13th of January,2010....

Here's the sign to Biligiri Ranganna Hills (I love that Karnataka logo, too!)

karnataka and brhills signboards 120110

And I love any sign that says it's 0 km to a destination, instead of a bald statement that this is the gives a satisfying feeling of Journey's End!

k gudi camp sign 0 130110

This is a view of the resort, with the old building at the back, and the tents in front:

jlr kgudi camp 130110

Here are some of the people who worked so hard to make our stay an enjoyable one...

Kumar, offering a very welcome piping hot cup of tea when we've come back, chilled, from the safari!

narayan 130110

Thapa is one of the drivers who's been at BR Hills for a fairly long time now; all my sightings of leopards (er, the tiger in BR Hills doesn't exist) have been in his company...but he's also showed me Giant Wood Spiders, tiny Dung Beetles, and other wonders in the forest...he can spot an animal or bird while driving, and it takes ME another ten minutes to spot it after he's told me about it!

thapa brhills 130110

Here they are, Lokesh, Kumar, Narayan, and Thapa, along with some of the NTP members, exchanging notes:

kumar, lokesh,narayan, thapa 140110

Here are some of us on the Jeeps, during a stop on the safari (we were photographing the Fan-Throated Lizard and some water birds):

NTP members on safari 130110

some more of us:

ntp jeep 130110

I couldn't resist a quick shot of this colourful mendicant as we drove past him on the safari:

mendicant brhills 130110

Please note the digital watch on his wrist! He is not a timeless wanderer...

On the way back, I took a snap of this "goat pavilion"!

goat pavilion 140110

The sun set on a very enjoyable meet...

pride vatika sunset 140110

Here are Gopalan and Sandeep, taking the I-insisted-on-it Group Photo as we gathered together:

gopalan and sandeep 140110



had to miss the meet at the last minute, Gopal was kind enough to organize another meet at very short notice, before I left, so we him!

Here are as many members as we could contact at such short notice:

220110 NTP incl Karthik

and here we are, including the host (after he'd clicked the previous photo for me):

220110 NTPmeet incl Gopalan

Don't you like my laptop? That's mamtanaidu! :D

And this is the "official" group photo (or "gurufoto" as the children in my apartment building called it...though it WAS minus Guru-G Karthik!)

NTP meet 140110
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