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I'm no fan of summer...but.....

When the temperature drops.....

18 deg F st louis 090210

that's 18 deg Fahrenheit, oh Indian friends! The Americans NEVER use any measure that's based on a logical base of ten...that is, based on the number of fingers humans have and use to count on.... if they can help it! Though why they insist on sticking to "imperial" measures when the British rule ended loooong ago, I don't know!

Well...I digress (and don't tell me that it's the female of the diger.) To get back to the point, when the temperature drops, it's amazing WHAT people will throw away....

fan thrown away 090210

Hmmm....don't they know that July and August and September will follow, and the heat and humidity will come back, and they'll wish they hadn't been so quick to discard that fan?
Tags: behaviour, humour, photography, st louis, summer, winter

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