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Half an Hour's Birding in Queeny Park

queeny park signbd 070310

Of course,since I was in a light-hearted mood, I *had* to see this Cardinal-upon-a-light!

queeny park 070310 cardinal

I got home to id this bird as an


eastern bluebird male on tree 070310

I got a closer shot of it later:

eastern bluebird male 070310

I *think* this is the female:

eastern bluebird female 070310

I knew this one was a


from my visit to the World Bird Sanctuary:

tufted titmouse in leaves 070310

I got this one id'd as the


black-capped chickadee qp 070310

I was lucky enough to see a


not on the tree, but on the ground, foraging!

northern flicker in grass qp 070310

It was lovely to see the crescent on the chest!

070310 northern flicker qp

On the bird walk, Chris mentioned that a mosquito-based disease had decimated the populations of American Crows and Blue Jays, which was why they are much rarer than they used to be. I found one foraging amongst the leaves:

blue jay in scrub 070310

I could not get the id of this little bird

un id warbler singing 070310

But recorded its loud, confident song!

Could this one be a Goldfinch female? Not sure...

goldfinch female? 070310

Here's another view of the bird:

un id bird qp 070310

Neither could I id this little beauty: (update, Pen Grady-Pawl agrees with my id of Yellow-rumped Warbler.)

un id warbler qp 070310

And finally, as I clicked these two birds upon a tree... (Update, Pen Grady-Pawl says they are probably Brown-headed Cowbirds.)

un id birds qp 070310

I looked at my watch..and WHAM, where had 35 minutes gone?? Umesh had finished his run, so off *I* ran, too, to go home with him...

Here's how the Park looks at this season; not a blade of green grass, not a green leaf in sight...

corporate trail queeny park 070310

But in all that grassland live so many birds!

If anyone can help me with these bird ids.....please do
Tags: birding, forest, photography, st louis, weekend, wildlife

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