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Great Horned Owls.....

Since I had time to spare and could go off to see the Great Horned Owls, of course Murphy's Law mandated that it was a grey, rainy day, and that photography would be quite tough...but first I managed to spot the lady whom Mark has christened Sarah, sitting, not very far from the nest:

sarah with ears flying 130310

Her ears were flying in the breeze, and I got a slightly better shot, too, as she condescended to look:

sarah fp 130310

I waited for a little while, but she didn't seem to be moving, and rather than have to look for my fingers and nose as they froze and fell off into the grass, I decided to head back.

However, I met Vandana, who was quite keen on seeing the Owls, so back we went, and this time, Charles (the male of the parental couple) had moved from the forest area where I had heard him hooting, to his usual conifer:

charles back view 130310

Well, he too, deigned to look in my direction:

charles face fp 130310

Then I took Vandana nearer the nest tree, and was lucky enough to see Sarah sailing into the nest tree! However, it seemed to be only to check that the babies were OK, as she did not feed them anything, but flew away immediately. (Of course I didn't have my camera ready!)

Well, one day I hope to get a video of the mother feeding the babies..... and I hope to do it without coming home with an ice-cold face....!
Tags: birding, forest, owl, photography, st louis, weekend

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