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The Blue Jay

Today was a bad day for Julius Caesar (though my blog will show 16th March ...India's only the ides of March here still)...but it was a nice day for me!

I was told that I might see Barred Owls in the area of Forest Park where there are a stand of conifers on that's where I went today...of course, no sign of the owls, but since I do love the


I took some photos of them....I am glad I saw several of them, as I was told that a mosquito-borne infection had almost wiped them out some time ago.

Here's a male , near the tree-trunk:

blue jay 150310

I also took a long shot of the bird in the tree:

jay in tree long shot 150310

And one of the female:

blue jay female 150310

I quickly shot this


before he flew off:

downy wp 150310

and the


have started coming back, though they've not got their bright colours yet:

grackle 150310

(also I was shooting against the sky! Whoever named these birds with such a harsh name, I wonder!)

One Blue Jay was eating his lunch a little later:

jay with food 150310

I'm very happy with the common birds..they're quite colourful enough for me!

Some of the other things I saw on my walk, up next...
Tags: birding, forest, photography, st louis, wood

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