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We went to Tilley Park last weekend...and I feel that in the damp weather, the trees miss having dresses of green, so they deck themselves up with frills:

fungus on tree tilley park 140310

I looked at some lovely pink growths at the edge of the lake:

long shot fungus 140310

They were mushrooms,too, seeming to grow like lotuses in the pond:

fungus on lake tilley park 140310

(if you're thinking what I hope you are not thinking, you have a dirty mind. They DO look like lotuses and nothing else, I assure you.O)

I decided to take a snap of another pink mushroom that seemed to be growing out of a human being:

dna Tilley Park 140310

Some mushrooms are more precious than others...
Tags: forest, lake, photography, st louis, water, weekend

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