deponti (deponti) wrote,

House Finches update

This morning there was another outbreak of hostilities...I watched, riveted, as the male birds spiralled up and down in a welter of feathers, beaks and claws..but now, things seem to have been amicably resolved.

House Finch Pair no. 1 perches in the larger, left-hand-side Japanese maple, and the female brings nesting material to the young conifer on the LHS.

House Finch Pair no. 2...ditto ditto ditto on the right-hand-side (smaller) Japanese maple, and the right-hand-side conifer.

Wow, if only we could resolve our conflicts so well!


my post about these beauties

I'm hoping that we have two Finch nests....hoping that the rain holds off long enough for the nests to be completed...
Tags: birding, garden, house, nest, photography, st louis

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