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Nothing Much...

I was musing on my day today. Looking at it from one perspective:

Nothing earth-shaking. Nothing achieved. Nothing learnt. No significant events. Alas, what a boring day.

Looking at it from another perspective, the same day is just great. Wouldn't those who have been affected in Moscow, those who have had a bereavement, or an accident, just love to have a day that is just normal, with no great incident? Free from crisis, free from worry and strife?

I have a boring life, and am profoundly thankful for it. wasn't all that boring. How can it be, when I am watching a person emerge from a baby's shell? She's now come to the stage where:

1.Asking for a kiss results in her attaching her mouth to my cheek, and making a "hmmmm" noise..sometimes she makes the noise without the kiss!

2. She wants to climb up me, the furniture, everything that's standing up...she knows there's another level of discovery waiting for her.

3. She knows that certain things (balls, plastic pieces in various shapes, wooden pieces) have to be put into their places. But she likes to put the pieces or balls from one toy into another!

4. She's learning to identify things by their names, without any of us specifically telling her what they are...she's picking them up from our conversation. Today she pointed to her mother's guitar when I asked her where it was. She looked out of the window when I asked about the birds.

5. She identifies things when I use both the Tamizh and English words.

6. She knows perfectly well when she's not supposed to touch something, but will still touch it (eg my house slippers) and will give a guilty start when I call her name ...and drop it...or offer it sweetly to me!

Taking care of a healthy, happy baby must be one of the most joyous tasks in the world.
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