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How would YOU link these two?

I have always maintained that brand names, especially these days, can be misleading. Here's an example:

My husband often gets back from a trip and reads several days' worth of newspapers together. He read following articles in the Economic Times.... and drew a totally erroneous link.

Read the two headlines, and let me know: what did YOU think?

"Apple software shuts shop in India" (Eco Times, Sunday, June 4, 2006)


"HP expecting poor apple crop this year" (Eco Times, Saturday, June 3, 2006.)

He was wondering aloud what Hewlett Packard had to do with Apple!

Now, if one sees the Sunday article: (Sunday)

and then the Saturday one:

HP expecting poor apple crop this year

Hailstorms In The State Have Added To Low-Yield Woes (IANS SHIMLA )

AFTER four years of successive bumper apple crops in Himachal Pradesh, farmers say a relatively poor yield is expected this year. With less than two months remaining for the harvest season, the farmers are doubly hit this time, the hailstorms adding to their woes. can see that the two articles are as different as...Apple and apples! And HP didn't refer to Hewlett Packard, as he thought....

Well...I laughed a lot!

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