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Playground Blues

Yesterday, at the playground, we had fun:

trampoline 190410

She went on the swing with her mother:

swing 190410

And then by herself:

baby swing 190410

But after this...we had a weird accident. The pathway to the playground had lights set in the floor, and she went up to one (the lights had been switched on) and put her little palm on it, and burnt herself. She screamed all the way home (we had walked there) and it took a long time to get her to go to sleep. Two large blisters have formed on her left palm.

We never imagined that they would have anything but cool bulbs and light covers (these were glass bricks) in a children's playground in this country. Surely, even older toddlers will crawl over to these lights. I've written to the Forest Park authorities about what happened, asking them to change immediately to cool bulbs and different covering material.

Who would imagine a heat-burn in a children's playground in this country, where even the playground floor is made of padded material to prevent injury?

A great evening turned into a very worried one...but today she's been totally OK, and I'm hoping the burn will heal fast.
Tags: babies, danger, daughter, grand, hurt, injury

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