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deponti to the world

my 2 cents

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Bag of Rice
Do you want to see a live bag of rice?

click here to see it

Oh, I'll post the picture anyway...

arishi moottai nov09

What a great Halloween costume!

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This is marvelous!! I love it.

(Deleted comment)
and considering that she eats a lot of rice cereal, the costume is apt!

If only it had been a bag of salt - uppu mootai, if you know what I mean :)

:) but I don't want her melting away in her bath!

Awwww, how cute! I saw the picture on TownSquare and couldnt help hopping on here. Im a sucker for babies, so you got me there! What a novel idea. Instead of uppu moottai, arishi moottai!! :)

I write a food blog at http://cookcurrynook.wordpress.com/
Do visit me when you get a chance.


Er, what is Town Square?

Enjoying your blog now!

TownSquare is here: http://townsquare.romasharma.com/, and you've signed up here right. That is how I chanced upon your blog :)

Thanks so much for the wonderful compliments on the blog and also on the food photography Im trying my hands at :) I'm really touched. Do keep coming back often, for more drooling :)

I don't remember this at all! But then, my memory is quite terrible...

I logged into livejournal after forever just to see her pics can you believe it?

Ma'am, are you still in France or back home?

I got back home last Sunday!!

Atlanta arisi mootai is sooooo cute...


The sack may belong to Atlanta..but our AM is a St.Louis arishi moottai....SLAM! :)

Does she understand the concept of Halloween? Or is this indoctrination in the early stages? ;)

Of course she understands the concept of Halloween, along with the concepts of religions, festivals, rites, customs....ennOda pEtthi! :)

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