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Forest Park...some life forms...and one lifer...

A couple of trips to Forest Park got me these....this


sitting on a bush,

red-winged blackbird 020510

and singing its usual "treeeeee" song:

red-winged blackbird singing 020510

Another Value-For-Money bird in terms of colourful appearance is the


wood duck 020510

The birthday picnic we had for KTB was inaugurated by this


low down on a tree-trunk:

downy woodpecker in trunk 020510

It didn't seem to be bothered by us at all:

downy woodpecker 020510

Up and down he(or she) goes, looking for insects in the bark:

Andrea Kimberling suddenly found a caterpillar (not in her food, luckily, but only in her hair!)

andrea's caterpillar 020510

And a little later, she came up with this green beauty:

katydid? cricket? 020510

After the picnic was over, we decided to let Mark show us the fledged


babies; here's the first one we saw (we didn't get to see the third one)

first owlet 020510 fp

The second owlet was not too far away:

second owlet 020510

But we decided to go home then, and leave the park "to darkness and to him" as Gray would say!

2nd owlet 020510 fp

But the very next morning, on my walk, I spotted this


which I had never seen before..what a beauty it is!

white-crowned sparrow 020510

With Mark, I hope to spot a coyote or a fox soon....!
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