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Two Feet....

Feet are one part of the human body that take a lot of punishment, and are often not rewarded for all that work. They bear the weight of our bodies for much of the time, convey us from place to it's nice to see a pair of legs, and feet, and toes, that are well-cared for...

sandals and toes 030510

Nail polish that is not of the "natural" colours (blues and greens) always intrigue me, as I would never be able to paint my nails in those colours....why would anyone want nails of such colours, which make one's toes look as if they are frozen? Yesterday, at the Post Office, I saw a lady who had tipped her nails with stripes of yellow, green and blue...I wished I had my MLC with was one of the times I'd forgotten to take it along.

However, the blue toenails make a great picture with those white sandals!
Tags: human behaviour, humour, musing, photography

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