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Weather is important to me...

I am sitting in Chennai, and can't move from under the fan because it is so hot and humid. I realize that to me, having good weather so that I can go out whenever I feel like, is pretty important. I love cold weather because I can be extra active and walk for miles...but hot weather, esp if it's humid, makes me lethargic and slothful and I hate that. I can put on a few extra clothes in cold weather, but can't peel off stuff when it's warm..and the only exercise that's pleasant is swimming, which I can't always do.

And it is in this weather that weddings are held, and one has to deck oneself up and sit sweltering inside a silk saree....!

I must say, a couple of years ago, when it was snowing heavily in St Louis, I was housebound because I didn't have the right footwear to walk in snow, and felt quite miserable until I got myself a pair of snow boots..THEN I walked several hours a day, and was quickly back to my usual (generally happy) self.

The first time I visited Maine, I had the heater turned up to the Mount Vesuvius setting at Thanksgiving...but by the time I re-visited at Christmas, I was so acclimatised, I used to go for my daily walk every day, enjoyed making snow angels (only I didn't know how to get up from the deep snowdrift afterwards!)...and enjoyed having 24 inches of snow in 24 hours!

Thank goodness I live in a place where it may be hot but it isn't humid...and the heat of summer doesn't last too long,either!

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