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Star-gazing..hopefully in the actual open air as well as in the Planetarium....

I'd been on the

Planet Walk

a while ago, with the artist who put up the display on the Loop. Of course, since my middle name is Murphy, the telescope session after the astronomy talk was rained out...but I was lucky that the artist, Stephen Walker, did take me and an astronomy student on the walk, through the rain.

While at the astronomy talk, I learnt about

this event

which I will be attending tomorrow

I just hope rain doesn't play spoilsport many events I've wanted to go to have been rained out! In any case, it's going to be great to see the Planetarium presentation, which won't depend on the weather.

The St.Louis planetarium doesn't have just lies down and watches the show!

Off to San Diego for the weekend.... this is going to be an LJ meet, because....that's where varshax and zweilinkefusse live with their son Achintya, and where enesrao is visiting them all... and since we are all LJ-ers (shortindiangirl, chaibacca, and biddli )it's going to be a great weekend, doing nothing much together!
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