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Two images and a Wotzit from San Diego

San Diego has been an amazing visit....I never knew that with two one-year-old babies, so much could still be packed into two days...thanks to zweilinkefusse, varshax, and enesrao who've really taken care of us and shown us around!

Here's downtown San Diego as we came in to land:

downtown san diego 080510

(The airport is right next to the downtown area and it was wonderful to fly low past the buildings on the landing approach!)

Here's another flier (I think it's the Dark-eyed Junco, but perhaps this is a different bird in California) on the Spanish hacienda-type tiles, that make such beautiful patterns:

dark-eyed junco on tiles sd 080510


san diego airport 080510

As many guesses as you wish!
Tags: birding, photography, plane travel, puzzle, san diego, travel, us visit, weekend

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