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Visit to Ranoush.....

While D's mom was in St.Louis to help celebrate KTB's birthday picnic, we decided to walk around the Loop, and had dinner at


a Middle-Eastern cuisine place which seems to have very contradictory reviews (see the link above!)....

We enjoyed seeing the "Arab" tent dining area:

ranoush tent 040510

ranoush eating 040510

We settled ourselves down and ordered the food, which was quite tasty (and the service was good, too.)

But we didn't realize that the most delicious platter of all was the one whose contents we had brought along!

baby platter ranoush 040510

The hummus, the babaganoush, etc were quite tasty, and we had a fun dinner.

Both daughter and daughter's daughter are ill with CCC (Cold, Cough, Congestion) after the San Diego trip,'s been a busy couple of days so far! Will get around to posting the San Diego pics soon....
Tags: babies, cuisine, families, photography, restaurant, st louis, visit, weekend

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