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Aerial Photography

I enjoy taking photographs from aircraft:

salt lakes 080510

and particularly, I like it when I can get the wing in the photo, too. The wing adds perspective to the image, and when I started wondering just what the wing was made up of, the ailerons came up as the plane landed, and I got a view of the complex innards:

what's inside the wing 080510

The wing, indeed, comes with clear instructions (for maintenance engineers, but these would be very good to follow when the plane is in flight, too.)

don't walk on wing 080510

I can see the complex system of highways that connects the US of A and makes it that great flower, the Car-Nation:

highway st.louis 080510

I like flying over geographically awesome spots...these are the Rockies...

rockies and plane 080510

Their majesty is breath-taking:

rockies 080510

Some shapes, such as these 'stars' on the mountains near Salt Lake City, are intriguing:

salt lake city star-shapes on mountains 080510

The salt in the Salt Lakes that give Salt Lake City its name, show up in a medley of colours:

salt lake city 080510

On the way back, the rainclouds descended on the mountains near Salt Lake City:

rain on mountains salt lake city 100510

The colours of the sky and earth are also beautiful when seen from an aircraft, almost Impressionist in their melting appearance:

graded colours 080510

Aerial photography helps me photograph urban landmarks,'s the Coronado Bridge at San Diego:

coronado bridge san diego

Here's a scene that any self-respecting Arab would love...all those gas-guzzling cars, PLUs an even more gas-guzzling aircraft!

cars and plane 080510

some more photos from the air

A couple of aerial pictures of Tanzania in

this post (the first photograph) in

this one


why I love window seats

I hope you enjoyed my aerial photography as much as I do!
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