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Coronado Beach, San Diego

The Coronado Beach at San Diego is really beautiful, though we could not spend too much time there...

Here's the namesake Coronado Hotel, dominating the beach:

coronado hotel 090510

We crossed the Coronado Bridge, with its lovely view of the Marina and downtown San Diego:

marina and downtown sandiego from coronado bridge

The Guard House is itself a beautiful structure:

guard house coronado beach

I got the tourist trolley going past an antique house on the waterfront:

old house coronado beach 080510

Cycling is very popular, and I love the children's trailers, too:

cycle with child carrier coronado 080510

There are apparently lots of people who walk around with metal detectors...they find a lot of cans, some coins, but are perhaps hoping for buried treasure!

metal detector Coronado beach 090510

There were gulls everywhere; in the air:

flying seagull 090510

On the sand:

seagull 090510

House sparrows, too...on the ground:

house sparrow 090510

and in the palm trees lining the Marina...can you see the female with nesting material, so well camouflaged against the tree?

sparrow with nesting mtl

There were other things in the air, too; this kite...

kite coronado beach 090510

which reminded me of

this one at Creve Coeur Lake

Fighters thundering overhead (Miramar Air Force Base is close by) :

fighter from miramar air force base

Here's a 360 degree view of the beach from our vantage point:

The grasses and the rocks were themselves so colourful and picturesque!

grass and rocks coronado beach
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