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Torrey Pines Nature Reserve

Torrey Pines

torrey pines sign 100510

according to the Wiki, can refer either to the

the rarest pine in the US

or to the

State Reserve , which is what we visited in the morning before leaving for the airport!

It was such an incredibly (I use the word deliberately; we couldn't believe how it was!) beautiful place.... just see the (quite literally!) aquamarine tints of the Pacific!

colours of the pacfic

We drove down to the area:

Here we are, looking at the signboard at the beginning of one of the trails:

vdnA at signboard 100510

The lovely blues of the sea, and the greens and browns of the land, result in a beautiful panorama:

seascape torrey pines

From this point one can see downtown San Diego:

downtown sd from tp 100510

The hillside was covered with dry brush (which often gives rise to forest fires; this year, there's been a lot of rain, luckily!)

brush on the hillside 100510

The Torrey pines create their own carpet of needles, which look like a shadow:

conifer with needle "shadow" 100510

The shapes of the cliffs are so lovely, formed through erosion:

seascape with cliffs 100510

here's a closer-up look:

torrey pines cliffs 100510

The bluffs are in funny shapes...

d and v bluff tp 100510

As we returned home, through the car window I got this quick shot of the train going through the tunnel...what a scenic route this must be on the railway!

road, sea, train 100510

The wildflowers of Torrey Pines deserve a post all to themselves....but I don't know the name of a single one!
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