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I am afraid that I don't know the names of the flowers I've photographed, and am not really interested in very long scientific names...however, if someone could id them for me, that would be great... A rose by any other name smells as sweet, so here are some of the flowers that delighted me in Torrey Pines:

blue phlox? 100510


cactus buds 100510

red buds and small flower sd 080510

tree in front of VV's home sd 080510

tiny pinkish-tip white flowers torrey pines 100510

cactus flower 100510

leaf patterns torrey pines 100510

un id red wildflowers 100510

red wildflower tp 100510

tree art 100510

un id single flower (like poppy)

un id red flower small

pinknwhite flowers 100510

Just look at the size of these flowers (I've put my finger for reference!)

tiny wildflower 100510

un id yellow wflower tp sd 100510

un id white flower tp 100510

seed case 100510

un id bug tp 100510

torrey pines solanaceum like flower
Tags: colour, flowers, photography, plants, san diego, travel, us visit, weekend

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