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Shaw Nature Reserve, 310510

We decided to celebrate D's birthday by going to

Shaw Nature Reserve

which DnA had not visited in 10 years of living in St.Louis!

shaw nature reserve sign

In the morning, however, they had to do some yard work, spreading the mulch they'd collected the previous day:

gathering mulch 300510

So we were able to drive down to the Reserve only in the afternoon.
It was a short, but lovely D entered the Visitors' Center to pick up brochures and maps, the storm clouds were already blowing up and you can see the tree swaying in the strong wind:

visitors' center with storm behind

Still, we walked down a bit, and I took a nice family photograph:


The wildflower and butterfly area looked beautiful:

butterfly area 310510

The young family walked further in it..

DnAnK in field 310510

There were some beautiful little pavilions:

pavilion in the reserve

I reached Bascom House:

bascom house 310510

And walked all around it...

bascom house from rear

I found this a pretty picture: a young woman sitting in the gazebo:

sitting in the pavilion

The paths were marked by the coniferous leaves:

conifer marks path

Alas, the rain caught up with us, and we sprinted to the car, where we sat, a sodden little group:

DnAnK on D bday 310510

The scenery of this place, by itself, would make it worth a visit:

shaw nature reserve scenery
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