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hamsafar (fellow travellers)


Sometimes, the people with whom one shares one's path
Are very congenial company....
They have a goodness that's easy to see.
We meet, we spend time together, and part;
But the memory of the pleasant occasions remain
To sweeten other moments, perhaps to ease some pain--
When old scenes are brought back to the mind and heart.

I've always been lucky, and I hope that I continue to be always finding great people to be with.

Here's another view of the three of us:


You can say I'm itching to leave, because I got an incredible number of

chigger bites

at the Shaw Nature Reserve...but the good part is that if my fellow-travellers on the aircraft see me scratching away, I might have a nice row of three seats all to myself....!
Tags: friends, photography, poetry, st louis, travel, verse, weekend

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