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Still there....

Every afternoon and every evening our hopes of returning home from the hospital are dashed by the fact that some test results are less than ideal, and when KM is anyway in the nursing home, those tests might as well be further investigated. This afternoon we waited for the results of the scan taken in the morning....

The scan came out pretty normal (bladder and prostate) but since the urea and kreatinin levels are still elevated, another blood test has been done and the results will come out in the evening.And a urologist is being asked to take a look at him this evening. So we are in the Nursing Home Jail at least until late tonight.

KM is feeling much better and has started pacing around the room like a caged tiger. He is (to put it mildly) not the easiest of patients. He was doing some share work with the help of his Reliance card...and just now, when he is tired and wants to sleep, a friend has announced her affectionate intention of keeping him company while I go home to get the evening meal packed....he was unable to tell her not to come! I asked him, if he cannot tell someone that he wants to sleep when he has been admitted to the nursing home, when CAN he?

I am dying to go to sleep but this place is slightly more busy than the Cantonment Station waiting room. Just now some random fellow opened the door, looked us over carefully, and went off. Yesterday at 2.45 in the morning two nurses opened the door, brought in a baby cradle, opened the balcony door, left the cradle on the balcony and pushed off...without a knock or a by-your-leave. The two seem to me to be very contradictory. If the cradle is being put here so that KM and I can have a baby, then they should not have random fellows checking on us all the time. If the random fellow should be there, then the cradle shouldn't be brought to our the random fellow wants to be the father.

Apart from this we have the bathroom cleaners, the bedsheet changers, the temperature and blood-pressure measurers...I wouldn't be suprised if I suddenly looked up into the face of a medical rep who was trying to sell us drugs at discount prices...or if an organ-grinder walked in with his monkey....

I have an awful feeling that when Mogun turns 80 we will still be here in this room......
Tags: difficulties, hospitals, humour, medical claims

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