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Valley School, Sunday, 130610

It was an amazingly warm welcome I got from Madhavi and Garima as we set off with some other male co-opted members of BULBs (BULBs being, Bangalore Urban Lady Birders!) my request, we went to Valley School. In terms of birding, it can't have been anything much; we even failed to sight the Scops Owl that ought to have been the highlight of the was so, so, so satisfying to be traipsing the paths of the wooded areas, walk over the stream, listening to the old familiar was peace for the mind and balm for the soul....!

The usual lacy mauve flowers greeted us everywhere:

usual violet flower 130610 vs

The weather was cloudy and overcast, and photography was certainly not the first priority for any of us.

here we are, at the beginning of the ramble:

garima gayatrhir madhavi ram swamy

and here's everyone going back, against a backdrop of the monsoon skies:

the path home 130610

The greenery was beautiful to the eye:

leaf patterns 130610

And the leaves, small flowers and fruits looked so lovely:

leaves and berries 130610

The banyan tree under which we pass on our way back is growing steadily into a majestic giant:

banyan tree vs 130610

Even fallen Gulmohar seed pods had their own geometric beauty:

seed pod 130610 vs

Some of the trees hid the


babblers 130610

and some hid the


blue faced malkohan 130610

to me and Garima, however, the highlight of the outing was a delightful episode of watching a


not just peck, but try to gobble, and not a flower, but a whole fruit! Here's the little greedy-guts:

pbf 130610

Here he is, flying from one fruit to the next:

pale biled flowerpeckr vs 130610

and here's the final scene of on earth will that fruit fit into that tiny beak?!

palebilled flowerpecker and fruit 130610 vs

I was so jet-lagged that it never occurred to me, until Garima asked if I had done so...that I could have video'd the little scene!

We started (and kept seeing throughout our ramble) a very large convention of


...I've seen other congregations, but never such a large number sitting together, perfectly still and's one Coppersmith Barbet tree,against the grey sky!


I did get to refresh my memory with the common butterflies, and their caterpillars,'s the


crimson rose caterpillar 130610 vs

and a slug making its unhurried way across the path:

slug vs 130610

YELLOW-TIPS were everywhere, in ones and two's:

two yellow tips vs 130610

yellow tip 130610 vs



showed its spots :)

common leopard 130610


LEMON PANSY sat for me, quite literally!

lemon pansy 130610

I don't know exactly which


this is:

yellow? 130610


WHITE ORANGE-TIP made quite a pretty picture:

white orange tip 130610 vs

as did this


one of the stragglers from the mass migration that happened just a while ago:

common crow 130610 vs



made splash of black-and-white:

common pierrot vs 130610

I took this pic just to ask, can you spot the butterfly?

yellow camo 130610

We even saw some mass feasting happening, when we found a dead worm under a flower being swarmed with ants:

ants on a worm and flower 130610

It was as we were on our way home that I got a call and realized KM's gastro-enteritis, and the whole saga of ill-health and hospitalization began..... how a day can turn direction is just amazing!
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