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deponti to the world

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The incredible upside down building on the Bangalore-Chennai highway
Yesterday, while driving down, I saw a building where the windows seemed upside down...so my attention was caught, and as the car neared it, I realized that it was not just the windows, but the *whole building* that was upside down.

Don't believe it? Neither could I. But here's the proof, my MLC cannot lie:

upside down bldg vellore 190610

Now..I am burning to know what this is, and how it can have happened. You can see that the gates near the building are up quite normally, and that the cupola which was supposed to surmount the centre of the building remains within its framework, and has not been set on the building.

It is difficult, first of all, to imagine a WHOLE building falling down in its entirety. And even more difficult to visualize how the building could have fallen *upside down* like that.

But you can see the terrace wall at the bottom, and the broken masonry of the base of the building...at the top.

If you look closely, you will see the damage to the front pillars, and a crack extending down the front of the building, too.

It was only I who saw it in detail; KM was driving, and we were alone in the car.

But I showed a) chaibacca, b) shortindiangirl, and c)itsalouwelylife the photograph.

a's view is that this is a deliberate, attention-seeking construction. I can't agree with this, because if you look closely, there is no frontal access into the building as the doorways are high up behind the pillars and the upside down Greek pediment.

b (who is an architect) says it must be a film set and not a real building.

KM and c have not expressed an opinion.

This was on the Bangalore-Chennai highway, a little beyond Vellore.

I googled for "upside-down building on Bangalore-Chennai highway" but found no results

Does anyone have any knowledge of this, especially those living in Chennai? I am agog to find out what, and why, and how.....

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my first thought was like A too..attention seeking..but you say the door is also upside down! so maybe it is a film set.

actually, it it calling to asakiyume to build a fantasy around it :-)

It's bugging me until I find out all about it!!

It certainly is intriguing!

You can see that the other buildings nearby are rightside up, and you can see some of the foundation rubble on this building, which shows that once it stood properly...

So, it seems as if, for some reason, they have turned the building upside down. The question is why! Maybe for a film, as shortindiangirl suggests. Or maybe it's for some sort of publicity campaign for something. (Slogan will be: "It turns your life upside down" or "Why have your life turned upside down?" or something like that)

I hope you do find out the answer to the mystery!

Someone just said it's like something in Orlando, Fla....so maybe that's what it is....

Tollywood is shooting a movie called "Kavalkaran" in Vellore, starring Vijay and Asin whom I guess are star actors.

Could this be a set for that movie? It took me a whole minute to understand the meaning of the title, it is what we call in kannaDa -- kaavalugaara, a bodyguard! :D

Am going to see what it looks like on our way back on our return trip!

maybe you can stop and explore to put us out of suspense!

Planning to do this...but given the day temperatures, and the fact that there's a baby to be reckoned with...it may or may not happen....

similar to the one in Orlando, USA


I just saw the same building today. I was stunned to see it in Chennai as I have seen a similar one in Orlando, US.
In the US, its an exhibition kinda place which houses games for kids and many interesting things in it.
I am wondering whats gonna come up in Chennai. Would love it if there they bring something similar here.

Anyways to answer your question, its a REAL BUILDING built upside down and the details would look as if it was thrown away from a hurricane.

Check out these links:


- Jeff Rayan

Re: similar to the one in Orlando, USA

Thankee kin'ly, Jeff! I hope this is what it is..!

Re: similar to the one in Orlando, USA

Jus came across this list of strange buildings around the world..

1. The Crooked House (Sopot, Poland)
2. Forest Spiral - Hundertwasser Building (Darmstadt, Germany)
3. The Torre Galatea Figueres (Spain)
4. Ferdinand Cheval Palace a.k.a Ideal Palace (France)
5. The Basket Building (Ohio, United States)
6. Kansas City Public Library (Missouri, United States)
7. Wonderworks (Orlando, Florida, United States)
8. Habitat 67 (Montreal, Canada)
9. Cubic Houses (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
10. Hang Nga Guesthouse a.k.a Crazy House (Vietnam)

Google it and see the images.
Its awesome...

- Jeff Rayan

Re: similar to the one in Orlando, USA

Oooh...enough to keep me entertained and occupied..thanks, Jeff!

I think I'll agree with a) and b) on this one.. For one, it would be near impossible to uproot an entire brick-mortar-stone building of that size and place it on its top.. Atleast not by natural or man-made causes at this point (or maybe I'm just being cautious about man's technological advances).
Now in order to upturn the building effetively, it would require a solid thrust from the bottom (which I can't think of happening naturally) or it being lifted from the top, twisted around and then placed back inverted (needs too much manpower and HUGE cranes capable of lifting that heavy a structure, AND the building has to be structurally sound to withstand that strain/shear)

So.. It would have to be either an intentional artistic/attention-seeking creation or a movie set..
In either case, I'd think it's intentional.. As for the door being upside down.. Maybe it's part of the facade? The actual entrance might be elsewhere .. Behind the triangular section above(below?) the columns maybe?

Oh.. and the construction struts jutting over the building kinda looks suspicious ;)

In any case, I really love the amount of detail that has been seen to, while creating the structure.. right from the cracks and broken columns to the uprooted foundation and debris.. Impressive!

HEY BEEEEEST! I'd emailed you and pinged you asking how you are doing at your new location, DO reply when you can. I'm thinking of you...hope you are doing well, and are enjoying the new job if you have already joined...

Very intriguing one. I too showed this too some of my friends and a few of them have seen it, but does not have any clue..


I, too, am beginning to think this is a deliberate construction...but I am surprised that there has been no media attention drawn to it....wonder why! Maybe it's not yet "complete"?

And...how come your friends were not terribly curious when they saw this? I am itching to know what it is!

Fascinating, as Spock would say ... :)

This is cool. Thanks.

I missed so many of your psots lately D! Sorry for that.

I saw such a building in Florida, enroute to Miami I think, if my memory serves right.

Amazing architecture and now its in India too. :)

Hey, you're settling down in a new place...I understand! I've been missing your posts too, A. Hope you are doing well.

See today's update on this building.

Ah. Thank you. But..you don't mean apartment therapy...you mean

tharphy .

hey this is real building.its is located at the way to chennai to kancipuram. it is a college.

Well...it WAS a theme park to begin with, but this time when I passed, the theme park banner was in tatters.

details of building

guys....it was previously the engineering college but it was closed due to lack of facilities...the building u seen is main block of college..if u look closer u can notice the concrete building inside it..it was wrapped outside using plaster of paris kind of stuff...it gonna be a theme park

UPside DOWN Building

if creativity is there, an architect can turn all the heads towards his creature. Likewise, this is a modern wonder to construct in a Theme Park is very close to Chennai, falls on National Highways 4, from Chennai it falls nearly 30-35 kms. if you come from Chennai towards Chittoor, Cuddalore it comes on LEFT side.The theme park not yet inaugurated and the construction under progress. Jc. S. Murali, 9944784936

Re: UPside DOWN Building

Thanks for the info, Murali! :)

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