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Architecture, old and new....

Disclaimer: All photos taken from a fast-moving car, so blur and shake are part of the deal!

Driving down the highway from Bangalore to Chennai gives a great opportunity to see a lot of different kinds of architecture....some very, very old, as in the ruined fort at Vellore:

vellore fort 190610

There are the shrines that cling precariously to the edge of cliffs:

rock temple vaniymbadi area 190610

Colour is not an understated affair with new buildings, look at this bright blue one that is so "attached" to its neighbour....

blue bldg chennai drive 190610

The ornate facade of this one is smile-inspiring, too:

adornment vellore 190610

The bridges over the pAlAr (that means, "river of milk"...we'd be lucky to find some pools of water in it now, we have to call it "maNalAr" or river of sand!) are also impressive....

pAlAr 190610

Of course I also posted about the

Australian architecture

that I saw on the way....

but even the architecture of the loads on passing vans is amazing, sometimes, look at the way the plantain leaves (used for serving meals in weddings, and even in homes, and as packing material for food) have been packed into the back of this vehicle!

banana leaf van 190610

The architecture of the

Rajiv Gandhi memorial

is also interesting,

and the Tiranga (tricolour) stands sentinel to this

fallen leader of India

cut down in his prime by a suicide bomber....

sriperumpudur rajiv gandhi flag
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