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Petawrap...and double-tailed devils....

My nephew has started a fast-food initiative, called


The name was suggested by the musician,

Anil Srinivasan

a witty take-off on the A R Rahman's hit song:

So...we decided to try out the wraps, and here we are:

petawrap 220610

petawrap DS 220610

I think we had (with just one exception) all the varieties on offer...and enjoyed the wraps very much!

Right across the service road, as we munched, I spotted these statues of some

double-tailed devils....

220610 double tails

I went up close, but apart from some murals of scenes from the North-East of India, there was nothing to explain what these were representations of....they seem to be of dancers made up in this was another mystery to add to my wotzit list!

doubletailed devils adayar 220610

If anyone in Chennai knows what these statues let me know!

Tags: chennai, counter, eating, families, food, photography, unknown

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