deponti (deponti) wrote,

More signs of the times....

I was intrigued by this "head meat"

head meat kalu soup 280610

until I realized that it is probably "bheja" or brain....and that "kalu soup" is made from you can truly eat, head to foot!

If, after eating all that, you develop a rash and can't drive...

driving rash 280610

you have to go for some tharphy....

aroma tharphy 280610

but then, of course, you will get a headache trying to put your kid in this school:

if you visit once that....280610

How rare to find honesty in this world...this auto describes itself as "dangerous".....
khatarnak auto 280610

And, living in an apartment building where milk sachets are delivered every morning and are often stolen (sometimes by monkeys)...I loved the idea of a Milk Box that I saw on a gate as we walked:

milk box 280610

In all the rush of traffic, this one intrigued me a lot....

I call him dad280610

WHOM does s/he call dad? The policeman? God? The fellow-passenger?

It's definitely worth having MLC around all the time!
Tags: bangalore, humour, photography, signboard

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