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Ear-Piercing...the Update

I'd posted about our

ear-piercing dilemma

and the update is as follows:

Two days ago, I brought the neighbourhood jeweller home. He did not have a stud, only the sharpened wire for the ear-ring, and so DnA did not feel comfortable about it, and he took his leave.

I looked up the old photograph I had made of the "painless ear-piercing done here" and we contacted the doctor, who gave an appointment, yesterday, at 7.30pm. This suited us fine as KTB had finished her dinner and was ready to sleep.

She took a great fear and aversion to having her ears touched (he had to mark the spots on both earlobes) and screAMED her head off. But once that was done, the "gunshots" took less than a minute. She calmed down immediately, and went to sleep. The doc prescribed an antiseptic ointment to be used on her earlobes for the next two days.

But... she's not once touched her ears yet, and does not seem to be in any distress from the procedure, which cost us Rs.400, inclusive of the gold-coated surgical stainless steel ear-studs.

Here she is now:

biddles portrait 100710

And I think she looks even cuter!
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