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The days have warmed up. Though the initial shower is somewhat chilly, and getting in draws an involuntary gasp, it is lovely in the pool after that. I do the backstroke to avoid getting too much of water in my eyes and nose and having a sneezy reaction to that. I watch the twilight sky aglow with light and then slowly fade into darkness. The huge eucalyptus tree on the lawn sways in the evening breeze, and birds fly to and fro. In the larger pool that I swam in, in Chennai, crows would fly in and dip their beaks in the water.
The water feels like silk as I cleave my way. This is a tiny pool; it probably takes two-and-a-half lengths of this one to equal a regular-sized pool. So I do my lengths, spending a physically active but mentally calm hour...I get out feeling not in the least tired, but refreshed and with my body feeling cool and clean. Exercise should always be like this!
Tags: calm, exercise, pool, swimming, twilight

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