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Sunbird attacks itself....

Yes, yes, I know, the leopard post is due....dakini_bones, I've been uploading videos and pics like crazy! But meanwhile...

After Kabini, we decided to visit Bandipur as well, and come home late at night...and as soon as we stopped there, at the washbasin of the Pugmarks Restaurant, I found this


male fly into the mirrors in a hostile, attacking mode...he was obviously fighting off what he thought was another male!

sunbird 5 bandipur 210710

sunbird 3 bandipur 210710

sunbird 4 bandipur

sunbird 2 bandipur 210710

sunbird 1 210710 bandipur

Afterwards, I watched it attack a real male, too, at the Hibiscus bushes.

Can you believe, I was stupid enough not to think of taking a video of this?


sunbird 1 210710 bandipur
Tags: bandipur, birding, jlr, karnataka, ntp, photography, wildlife

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