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Kabini...the mammals:

The goodness, what a great variety of mammals we saw, given the fact that we went one day and came back the next!

One of the most beautiful sightings was that of the


muntjac (barking deer)


is a Barking Deer fawn....



or Spotted Deer, though common and plentiful, are yet so beautiful. Here's a magnificiently antlered stag:

chital stag 210710

and doe:

chital doe 210710

this one seems to want to hide in the Parthenium!

chital doe and fawn 200710

If there is any sweeter sight in Nature than a mother nursing her baby, I've yet to see it! This time, too, I was rewarded by the sight of many a mother-and-child.

Here they are, mother and child...mother nuzzling and nursing her baby...

chital doe and fawn 210710


are another deer species which we sighted in plenty. Their neck secretions can be clearly seen:

Here's a stag:

Another mother-and-child picture:

sambhar doe and fawn kabini 210710

We saw quite a few of the


population, and here's one I "captured":

langur 200710


too, were plentiful, and here is a scene of them grazing along with the Chital:

wild boar and chital 200710

this one's hiding her face as she hadn't put her makeup on!

wild boar 210710



in the pouring rain, was still eating, the greedy thing!

malabar giant squirrel 210710

In this video, you can hear the steady rain:

There were a lot of


also about:


the majestic (to me) kings and queens of the jungle.Here's a tusker:

tusker 210710

Since the females are generally found in groups, here's one sight of a Ladies' Club:

kabini elephants 200710

Another shot....

elephants 210710

The moral of this photo? If you want to maintain that a vegetarian!

210710 elephant figure

...and emphatically, do NOT keep off th grass...or mud!

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