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Bannerghatta-Kaggalipura Road, Forest Area, 310710 and 010810

I was lucky enough to go to the same area in the Bannerghatta Forest...on Saturday, approaching it from Kaggalipura, and on Sunday, from Bannerghatta. On Saturday, the


obliged with a sighting, against the dark and rainy sky:

black eagle 230710

but on Sunday, it absented itself!

here's my fellow-birder on Saturday, hard at work documenting the Baya Weaver colony...he made a great picture against the the lilies and the lantana!

rohit at pond 310710

Here are some of us on Sunday, enjoying the "dog" biscuits (the dog got one packet, but we managed ..without jumping in the air, as Chandu pointed out!....most of the second...

dog biscouts 010810

The tree over the pond was not only the site of an active colony of


baya weaver 310710

but also attracted SILVERBILLS, and some


white-rumped munia 010810

A PEEPAL tree nearby had these


scaly-breasted munia 310710

On the pond, a


strutted about, showing why it was so called!

pied wagtail 310710

On another water body, Rohit and I spotted this


little grebe 010810


PIED KINGFISHER suddenly came and sat on the wire, and all the DSLR's went into action, but my little MLC caught it flying off:

in flight 010810 bg

As we were going home on Sunday, we got this


larking about in the bush!

You can hear its clear high song....

Both days, I enjoyed the sight of the bees in the lilies:

lily and bee 310710


SIAM CASSIA (Cassia Siamea) tree was a magnet for many birds:

cassia siamea 310710

I couldn't id this insect on the rock, though...

un id insect 310710

but obviously, this


would have id'd it as breakfast!

agama on wall 010810

I liked the pattern made by the steps beyond the kalyANi...they were lined by saplings of the

INDIAN CORK TREE (Akasha malligE)

steps from kalyANi 310710

Abhijna id'd this tiny beauty as a


pale grass blue 010810

I was able to id this


with its wings closed,

baronet closed 310710

..but was doubtful when it opened, and had to go home to confirm the id!

baronet open 310710

With this kind of variety...and the lovely cloudy cool weather, the greenery of the forest area, and good friends... there's not the least doubt about the wonderful mornings I had...and on Sunday evening, I went for the equally enjoyable Ancient Light photowalk, about which, more later!
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