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Ancient Light Photowalk,Malleswaram, 010810: Part 2: Nandeeswara Teerttha

For the Nandeeswara Temple, that was excavated in the early '90's, and which I personally believe to be part of the Kaadu Malleswara complex, let me begin with the brass lamp that the priests use to show Arathi for the ShivalingA:

nt aarathi

...that's ancient light, too; snEha deepam...or an oil lamp.

This temple is actually a kalyANi or sacred wellspring, shaped into a water tank.

nandi teertthA sign</a>

It was nice to see that Nature had crowned the gOpurA with a Peepal sapling:

peepul sapling on gOpurA nt 010810

The terrace design is the same as in the Kaadu Malleswara Temple:

terrace design nt

The garbha grihA, or inner sanctum, is very beautiful:

8 nandeeswara theerthA

the water comes out of the NandimukhA (mouth of Nandi) ...

water pouring on linga nt 010810

....and pours into the copper kalashA, whence it drips steadily on to the LingA:

water dripping on linga nt

Here's a video showing the water dripping on the lingA, coming down from the mouth of Nandi:

The entrance has this shlOkA:

shlOkA nt 010810

Transliteration and translation:

muktEshwarAya phaladAya gaNEshwarAya
geethapriyAya vrishabhEshwarA vAhanAya.
mAthanga charma vasanAya mahEshwarAya
dAridrya dukkha dahanAya namah shivAya.

(the God who gives salvation, who grants boons, the god of Ganesh;
one who likes music, who has a bull as His vehicle:
One who wears the skin of an elephant as a dress, the great God,
One who destroys poverty and sorrow, salutations to Shiva.)

The navagrahA (nine planets) shrine is also small and beautiful:

navagraha nt 010810

Entering the temple, one sees the small Nandi and the bali peetthA (sacrificial stone) on the steps of the kalyANi:

chikka nandi and bali peetta

The temple bell had a lovely deep tone (I know, because I rang it as some of the photographers had just got it to be still!)...

nt bell 010810

This rathA (symbolic chariot) is made of rosewood:

rathA nt 010810

Behind the Nandi are an assortment of items used in the rites:

poojA items 010810

And some amount of plastic/waste disposal is also done:

waste removal

Outside the temple is the original kalyANi, covered with an iron grille that I manage to push my lens through:

original kalyANi

The designs on the stone steps are elegant, as one steps on them:

foot and stone design 010810

On the steps to the kalyANi are renderings of snakes, tortoises and fish, that have been covered by brass:

9  brass animals

There are quite a number of tortoises in the water; here's one on the steps, quite a large specimen!

tortoise in kalyANi 010810

Here are some of them, playing waterball with a morsel of food that a devotee had thrown in:

Here is a brass fish:

brass fish 010810 nt

and its real-life counterpart:

fish in kalyANi nt

So, when I saw this:

brass snake nt 010810

I wondered whether there might not be actual water-snakes in the tank, too!

It wasn't just these creatures enjoying the temple; here, a young couple get a moment of togetherness:

a moment together

And here are two Homo sapiens photographensis, comparing their shots at the end of the clicking!

comparing shots!

But the evening couldn't end without us having a group photograph (alas, two of us had already left!)

some of us photowalkers 010810 kmt

...and a trip to Adiga's, just around the corner...for masAl dosAs and filter kApi!

kApi and dosA

After this, a few of us went to Malleswaram market, and I liked this image of the market through the grilles:

malleswaram mkt

Let me close with this image of the VinAyakA shrine at Malleswaram market...

vinAyakA flower mkt 010810

A very enjoyable photowalk, that combined religion, heritage, history, people, and photography... thanks to Chandrachoodan and Ancient Light!
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