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Galibore, 070810

It was,ultimately a dozen of us who went to Galibore on Sunday....turned out to be a very enjoyable day, though the heat factor made us tired and we returned home earlier than planned.

We, of course, had taken two cars, but this picture of traditional transportation was what caught my eye at our first stop!

traditional transportarion 070810

Notice the woman balancing the vessel on her head and walking unconcernedly... We could take deportment lessons from her.

The sun slanted from just above the horizon, on our group...

sun on birders 070810

and shone on the cars, too:

sun on the car 070810

The scenery was so beautiful that I didn't really mind whether I spotted a lot of birds or not! Here are the gentle hills of Galibore:

galibore hill 070810

Another lovely scene:

galibore scene 070810

The rock pools near the Kaveri had each its own shape and beauty:

rock pool 070810

and on the banks of the river, it was so peaceful! The water in the river reflected so many colours:

070810 kaveri water and rocks

Here are the BULBs, on the banks:

bulbs on kaveri 070810

Many of us sat for a while, enjoying the peace and the breeze, under this magnificient tree:

majestic tree kaveri

But one of us also wanted to try and conquer it!

csb on tree 070810

We saw a few


in the fields:

black ibis galibore 070810

And on the other side, the


were making their calls:

grey francolin 070810

Chandu snapped many of the pictures in this post; here's his shot of this lovely


plain prinia 080810 csb

I got this little


on a Mango tree:

purple-rumped sunbird 070810

Chandu id'd this bird for me as the


yellow-eyed babbler 070810

The delightful little


were frequent sights:

indian silverbill 080810

High up, I caught a


in flight:

darter in flight 070810

Though common, the


is a beautiful bird!

black drongo 070810

I loved the fan of this Date Palm, which contained many



baya weavers' nest on date palm 070810

On the way back, I got a quick shot from inside the car, of this Accipiter....I'm id'ing provisionally as a Sparrowhawk, though I am told it is unlikely because it is a migrant:

sparrowhawk? 070810

I'd also like to know the name of this very common small tree (as a child, I knew how to make whistles from its seeds!)

common un id tree

I saw the lacy


creeper on the rocks:

passion fruit galibore 070810

One of the best sightings was of what I initially thought was an Agama...we later realized it could be a juvenile


small monitor lizard? 080810

the ones I've seen before have all been VERY large, and in the forest, so I never expected to see such a small one, especially in the middle of human habitation.

Here are a few more views of this walking handbag:

monitor lizard on granite post

monitor lizard 070810

This un id


was so lovely,

un id dragonfly

as was this


scarlet marsh skimmer 070810

but I could not id this little beauty:

un id insect 070810

when we stopped for a kind of brunch, with lots of great food, I spotted this (already dead, alas!)


day-flying handmaiden moth

Chandu took these shots...a


on a flower:

white orangetip on flower csb

and this female

GREAT EGGFLY on the Lantana flowers:

great eggfly female  on lantana csb 080810

right on the bank of the river, as I sat in a very comfortable nook in the tree (it was truly like an armchair, as I sat there, fanned by the river breeze!), I noticed the


developing their websites:

signature spider 070810

A wonderful day, coming back home singing old Hindi movie songs with great gusto, and carrying the memory of the beauty of Nature, in the lap of that gracious lady, the Kaveri....

kaveri scenery galibore 070810
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