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Kayaloram Resort, Alappuzha, Kerala

I do love staying in resorts which have maintained the traditional idiom in architecture. I enjoyed staying at the

Sterling Heritage Resort in Swamimalai, Tamizh Nadu, a few years ago...the swimming pool in the resort is what would have been the theppa kuLam, or temple tank, in the village agrahAram!

So staying at the

Kayaloram resort was also very satisfying.

kayaloram sign 150810

cottage 1 120810

And here is the

traditional Kerala lock

on the door:

chithratthAzh 120810

It's luxurious inside, too:

inside cottage 120810

Another traditional feature is that while, the, er, amenities are under a roof, the bathing area is open to the sky:

open air bath 150810

I suppose, in the heavy monsoon season, one just goes and stands there and there's no need to use the shower provided!

Here's the restaurant:

kayaloram restaurant 120810

And here are the chef and the maitre=d', Jaimon and Shyma:

jaimon and shyma

This is Raji, who was our masseuse at the Ayurveda cottage, and gave us head and shoulder massages:

raji masseuse 150810

That was a lovely place to spend a couple of days, I must say, with the backwaters lapping at the edge of our cottage...
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