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Prisha made my birding outing even more joyous than usual.

On the flower-strewn path, she was both a delicate flower and a confidently striding national bird....

peacock on th epath 040910

Having a child along on a nature trail is always wonderful; they always have a refreshing point of view, and it's a privilege to be let into their world of reality that blends with fantasy. Prisha is a bright youngster, who was interested in everything we (particularly Chandu) had to show her.....

Here she is, at the beginning of the outing, getting Girish to laugh out loud:

our group vs 040910

Prisha's parents encourage her to feel and touch; here's her mother, showing her an African snail, touching its "house":

touch the snail 040910

Chandu is always so good with children; here he is, showing her a bird in the book (a bird in the book is worth two in the bush?)

chandu showing pritha bird book 040910

Under the large banyan tree, she took Chandu's hand, and drew lots of birds' eggs all over his palm:

prisha drawing birds' eggs 040910 vs

She asked for his other hand, and he explained that it was reserved for his own child (who will make an appearance in January!)

She never flagged..from 7am to past noon....she tripped along with all of us, often wandering off on her own to explore things; Girish has captured her many moods


And here's my favourite picture of the day; she seems to be asking Chandu, "Can you teach me more about nature and birding?"

teach me birding 040910 vs

R and G, take a bow for the way you've brought up your daughter!
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