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Someone needs a cycle...

...and sent this...

"well if some one in Bangalore... .
1. is leaving the country.
2. is running from the law( while not on a bike).
3. has an originally well intended but now sadly ignored bike.
4. is unlike me and has money, and has got themselves an upgrade.
5. just wants my money.
6. needs to make room for the baby.
7. just needs some one to take away the damn thing( shame on you its not
a damn)
8. can fill in the blank ....

well if this is you or you know some one who fits the bill and is
looking to be around 12k richer (poorer by a bike as well), please
reply to post or send email to xxxxx"

I do enjoy the mails on my cycling egroup!
Tags: advertisement, bangalore, cycling, humour

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