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Want to make money from photography?

No, this is not a how-to-make-great images tutorial. (I charge heavily for that!) But if you want to make money from photography, here is my tip, given for free....

1. Start a "photography club".

2. Announce a "competition" with a nice "exhibition" at the end for the "winners".

3. Give the exhibition a nice, fancy, arty name, "Magic Light" or "Chhaya..the image" or something like that. Very high-tone.

3. Send emails to the participants (there will be quite a large number, have you seen the number of Flickr and Picasa and Photobucket accounts on the Net?) that their photos have been "selected" for an exhibition.

4. Tell them that they have to print their photographs, and that they have to mail in these prints....and they must send crossed cheques along with each (a friend of mine was asked for Rs.900 with each!)

5. Arrange a hall for an exhibition, and pocket the considerable difference between costs and income.

6. Laugh all the way to the next exhibition...

....WHY didn't I think of this before?
Tags: commercialization, exhibition, humour, photography

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