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I spoke of the clouds that had been lifted from our hearts, with a cardiac infection having been ruled out...but there are clouds which are wonderful presences in nature....yesterday, at Chik Yelchetti and Lokkere villages, in Bandipur, we watched the changing forms of the clouds in the monsoon sky....

cloud 10 061010

bandipur clouds 061010

clouds 2

bandipur scenery 1

cloud 5

cloud 9

long cloud 2 061010

cloud 3.5

cloud and hill

On the distant Nilgiris ("Blue Mountain" aptly named!) range, I could spot a waterfall...

path cloud 7

...or two....

waterfall 8

Slowly, the light faded....

evening sky 1 061010

evening sky 061010 2

I loved the sight of this windmill, placed, perhaps as a kind of scarecrow, in the fields:

windmill 061010
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