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Chik Yelchetti, Bandipur, and a mini NTP Life-Under-Foot Ramble

As part of World Wildlife Week, Junglescapes organized a meeting with the DCF, Mr Narayanaswamy, on the 6th of October, and early in the morning, a few volunteers from both GE (who is strongly supporting the work in Bandipur) and Junglescapes left for a visit to the villages of Chik Yelchetti and Lokkere.

Here's the Junglescapes sign:

junglescapes sign

And here's the serenity of the temple bells at the small shrine in the Madheshwara Home Stay:

madheswara home stay 061010

When we reached the homestay, we realized that the DCF, Mr Narayanswamy, was not going to adhere to the time of 1pm (he actually arrived at nearly 4pm!) and so we got a nice NTP (there were 6 of us who were NTP alphabetical order,Girish,Krishna Mohan, Nayantara, Ramesh, Suri, and myself)walk...five of us just did a Guru-G Life Under Foot walk along the path...we didn't get even to half a kilometre from the homestay, but look at the treasures we found!

Here we are, ambling along:

ntp walk 061010

See the serene beauty of the small stream at the homestay:

stream at cyc

We saw a few common, yet beautiful, butterflies; here's the


chocolate pansy 061010



lemon pansy 061010

the good old


plain tiger 061010

the lovely


blue tiger 061010



common bush brown 061010

here's a bug that I don't know (didn't meet him socially and get introduced!):

un id bug 061010

another unknown, sitting on the gall-filled leaves:

un id bug and gall 061010 bdpr

We watched this procession of


for a while...they flowed in a river along the path:

ant procession 061010



showed her iridiscent colours as she looked for prey in the grass:

blue-winged wasp 061010



was on the same mission:

spider wasp 061010

Uma id'd this one as a female


female ditch jewel 061010

Several pretty


decorated the path:


And it was interesting to see this cutaway of a


and see the various chambers:

cutaway termite mound

and could not identify what eggs these were, looking little drops of blood on the back of the leaf of the Banyan tree:

eggs on banyan leaf 061010

We moved further up the animal kingdom, and saw this lovely


...serenading us from the wire!

pied bushchat

and these two melty-eyed calves nuzzled each other:

two calves 061010

We came back to the camp as fairly wildlife-type growls were emanating from our stomachs by now; luckily, the DCF and his platoon arrived, and after a delicious "chitrAnna" lunch, we went to Chik Yelchetti village, where Siddappa, from ATREE, addressed the gathering of villagers:

DCF narayanaswamy and siddappa of atree

Following this, Mr Narayanaswamy interacted with the few schoolchildren who had come to the meeting:

dcf narayanaswamy and children

What I liked was that instead of a boring talk about wildlife, he showed us all some really excellent wildlife photographs that he had taken!

Sweets were distributed, and the meeting broke up; the VIP's left their garlands (remember, I posted about the

flower shop

where we had bought them?)

but the children, of course, had fun with them, and here's my documentation of someone else documenting that:

fun with the garlands 061010

The rain, of course, made its presence felt, but while VaruNA was with us, I liked the sight of gaNEshA, the elephant God, on Anand's car dashbboard, with the background of the rain:

anand's ganesha 061010

To underline the fact that one can get colour anywhere, and that it's worth taking the camera's a view of the toilet at Madheswara Home Stay!

homestay colours 061010

For more pics,

click here

and view the pictures starting from that last one just above!
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