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For asakiyume

I wrote down the name of the song I was listening is the first  couple of stanzas, with their meaning:

Ae gulbadan! ae gulbadan! Phoolon ki mehek, kaaton ki chhubhan!
Thujey dekh key kehtaa hei meyraa man
Kahin aaj kiseesey mohabbath naa ho jaayey

The term "gulbadan"..gul, flower, badan, so crisp and elegant...translating it is so clumsy and awkward.  I am sure you see this in Japanese...hanami is so much crisper than saying "going to see the flowers"!

Oh, one with the flower-like body! oh, one whose body is like a flower! (You have) the fragrance of flowers, and the sting of a thorn!
On seeing you, my mind says, "you may fall in love with someone today."

Kyaa haseen mOd par aa gayee zindagaani
Ki hakeekath na ban jayey meri kahaani
Aakaash sey oonchi dhil ki udan!
Seeney mein sulagthee hai yeh agan (Thujey dekh ke..)

What a lovely turn my life has come to--I hope my story turns into reality
My heart flies higher than the sky! This fire is burning up my body! (On seeing you)

This  old movie song is in Urdu/Hindi. Our movies have lots of songs, and attract superb talent (like Hollywood does!) directors, arrangers, lyricists, musicians, and singers together make unforgettable music!

Knowing more languages enables me to enjoy the music and poetry of those languages too...a treasure trove indeed.
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