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Nature's Jewellery

A lovely trip to Hesserghatta, which once used to be the lake that was the water source for Bangalore, left me satisfied ....and though the lake (well, an almost-dry lake-bed now, compared to the full lake I've seen two decades ago) is known more for its raptors, one of the creatures that enthralled me was this


jewel bug 3 101010

I don't need to use adjectives for it; here one is, on Vishwas' finger:

jewel bug 1 101010

And just when you feel it couldn't get any more colourful, you see the ventral portion (notice the proboscis, ready to suck the nectar even from the closed flower):

jewel bug2 hsrgta 101010

Life Under Foot is rainbow-hued....
Tags: bangalore, insects, jewellery, karnataka, photography, wildlife

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