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deponti to the world

my 2 cents

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Why are birds like clouds?
I got this lovely formation:

om in the sky 131109

and the answer to the riddle in the subject title? "Because they make their Om in the sky".

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I first saw the cosmic camel.. only much later did I see the Om.. Great pic.

Where? Where did you see the cosmic camel? I can't see it...

It's a single-humped camel.. The tail-section of the Om creates the camel's back..It's a shaggy camel.. more like a llama..

This is how the the cloud formation appeared to me at first sight..

Wow, you got a userpic for that! :)

But..don't change your userpic; I like looking at your face and sort of visualizing how you look.

I see it! It's so pretty!

I saw the dromedary first, too!
Alas, I have no camel icon.

VERY dramatic picture! I love it.

Just GORGEOUS! And om is one letter (pair of letters?) that even Americans can recognize, from decals and bumper stickers--and I see the similarity!

Thank you...I was hoping you'd say what animal YOU saw in the pic! :)

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