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deponti to the world

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Sighting of the Day....Shieldtail

had introduced me to her friend Soma Jha from Kolkata and I took her and her friend Baljeet to the Bannerghatta Zoo area (my usual haunt!)...and amongst other interesting stuff, we suddenly sighted what we, at first sight, thought was an earthworm:

shieldtail Plectrurus_perrotetii 131010

But then, I quickly realized it was not an earthworm (it was much larger) , but we kept wondering what it could be. I came home and thought that perhaps I'd seen a

Common Worm Snake

..but then,


id'd it for me as a


..an endangered species of snake!


this further update

from Shantanu Bhattacharya on INW.

So...that was this morning's thrill....and I am glad, meanwhile, that Soma got a couple of "lifer" sightings with me...more about that later!

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You've been at BR Hills, you lucky duck??? :)

Yes, earthworm diet is what the wiki says! We couldn't go nearer this one as a Forest Dept jeep came along, and the snake disappeared in the bushes.

Deepa!! you bring me LUCK!! You mentioned it and a little while after I left the 1st msg I found one! Spent a little while with it before I let it go.

Im here at Br hills for a long time :) maybe a few months!

Wow, BR Hills for a long time..... :)))))

Well, we'll be coming to BR Hills at the end of December....hope you will still be there then.

When we see some creature often, it's difficult to imagine that they are threatened or endangered....

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