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Bannerghatta Zoo Area, 121010

Apart from the sighting of the


Soma, Baljeet and I also spotted varied and interesting (always!)creatures and plants...

There was, for example, this beautiful little amphibian, posing on a rock:

toad 131010

I was a little worried that the number of birds we had spotted was on the lower side, but Soma, an indomitable spirit who does not let her rheumatoid arthritis get in the way of her birding, was very happy that she saw the


for the first time:

rufous tailed larks 131010

For a while, we watched this crowd of


both male and female, preening, and pecking around on the ground in front of the lantana bushes:

scaly-breasted munias 131010

Let me show you, for once, not the bird as photographers finally manage to capture it, but as it is normally seen. The


belongs to the pheasant/crow family, and it skulks in the most irritating way, amongst the foliage. So, all one usually sees is a flash of red-and-black disappearing into the trees, and then this kind of sight:

coucal 131010

It's a large bird, and yet manages to keep out of sight!

We watched many


taking along nesting material to construct their homes:

kite nesting mtl 131010

A couple of butterflies added to my image pool, too; this


posed for me...

lemon  pansy 131010

Soma was quite thrilled with the


too, and said it was a lifer:

red pierrot bgzoo 131010

One amazing thing was this un id

CATERPILLAR swung on a fine silken thread, and slowly descending, swaying the morning breeze, to the ground, where it went to earth under a pile of fallen leaves. Does anyone know what cat it is?

caterpillar bg zoo 131010

I pointed out the "potato plants" from the family

Solanacae or Eggplant family

to them, and snapped the brinjal-like flowers

potato flower 131010

And the red berries....

potato plant berries 131010

Here's the bird-list, a not-bad tally (after all!) of 41:

Barbet, Coppersmith
Barbet, White-cheeked
Bulbul, White-browed
Bushchat, Pied
Cormorant, Little
Crow, House
Crow, Jungle
Drongo, Ashy
Drongo, Black
Egret, Little
Flycatcher, Asian Brown
Flycatcher, Asian Paradise
Flycatcher, Tickell's Blue
Francolin, Grey
Kingfisher, White-breasted
Junglefowl, Grey
Kingfisher, Pied
Kingfisher, Small Blue
Kite, Brahminy
Kite, Common
Lapwing, Red-wattled
Moorhen, Common
Munia, Scaly-breasted
Mynah, Common
Mynah, Jungle
Parakeet, Rose-ringed
Robin, Indian
Silverbill, Indian
Sunbird, Loten's
Sunbird, Purple
Sunbird, Purple-rumped
Swallow, Red-rumped
Swift, Asian Palm
Swift, House
Treepie, Rufous
Wagtail, Grey
Wagtail, Pied

I'm closing with this lovely flower of a creeper that's probably some kind of gourd:

gourd flower 131010

A very short but enjoyable trip to my favourite haunt!
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