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Kabini....Rajiv Gandhi National Park 18 and 191010

When one goes to Kabini (we usually stay in the beautiful JLR resort), one goes into the

Rajiv Gandhi National Park.

rajiv gandhi nat'l pk 181010

The forest area has its set of rules, and we, as naturalists, try to keep them:

rules forest 181010

It's lovely to be part of a group where one is totally comfortable...

four friends 181010

Sighting and shooting is supplemented by lots of eating:

food 191010

There are sometimes surprises even in innocuous places. Shreeram is encouraging Radha to look into the tree-trunk a massive Tarantula (pic later) inside!

looking at trntla 191010

Kunal is the Manager of the Kabini property, and was briefing us on sightings of birds on the campus and in the forest:

kunal singh mgr jlr 191010

The staff at Kabini are very courteous; here they are, after having signed in to take our safari jeep into the forest:

prasana  jlr 191010

We met Chandra Appanna, who's got himself the latest digiscope, and was using to get unimaginable zoom access to the's the digiscope mounted on a tripod:

digiscope chandra 191010

The day we left for Kabini was Vijayadashami, and it was lovely to see this young boy's cycle all decorated and venerated:

cyclist 181010

It was lovely to see the lush green of the paddy fields, and the haystacks:

field and hay 181010

Kabini....a very beautiful tributary of the Kaveri!
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