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Voice Transcription, sorry, West Chester Ocean....

I'd left a message on my daughter's voice mailbox that I enjoyed my birthday because of my friends.... I love my friends' company.

The voice transcription service converts all her phone messages into voice messages, and delivers the transcription to her email inbox.

It's always been hilarious to see what a mess they make...this time, the voice transcription email said I love my fence company!

I wanted to experiment, so I called back to say this:

" I am calling to find out what the voice transcription will make of this message."

and the voice transcription is this:

"I'm calling to find out what the West Chester Ocean. We make up this message."

I then left another message, saying, "Hi, I am leaving this message to see exactly what the voice transcription makes of this. I'll call you back later", she got this voice transcription message....

"I don't did know I am leaving this message to see exactly what wanted to know voice transcription mix up the message. I'll be you made me back. What the what makes it perfect but I had to call you on the status "

The voice transcription seems to actually CREATE words towards the end of the message!

A great source of entertainment, I must say!
Tags: humour, messages, mistakes

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